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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When was busy at surfing internet, I was attracted by this thing in my house...

this was made by my brother... cute right

This thing is one of the type of paper art known as origami. This thing may be well-known but for those who don't know, origami is an art of folding paper. Origami is come from the word "ori" & "kami" which is words from japan("ori" means folding & "kami" means paper). The name comes in Japan because this is the traditional art of paper folding of Japan.

There are many types of origami (actually I did not realized it either until now) :

 1) Action Origami
 cootie catcher (one of  most popular origami uses as toys)
This type of origami includes origami that flies, jump and some people uses as toys (at least children uses it). Origami such as cootie catcher, jumping frog and airplane are examples of action origami and it is somewhat fun
2) Modular Origami
Also known as unit origami, this origami consists of combining a number of identical pieces together to form of complete model. This origami forms may be flat (such as stars & ring ) or 3D ( tend to be regular polyhedra)
Example of flat origami
Example of 3D origami
This origami does not need glue or any substance that can stick papers together ( but can use it to strengthen the origami structure). 
3) Wet-folding
It is an origami technique where paper is dampened with water so that it can be moulded easily the model keeps its shape when it dried. It is used for producing very natural looking animal model.
 Before and after wet-folding
4) Pureland Origami
It is a style of origami invented by British paperfolder with the restriction that only one fold may be done at a time, more complex folds like reverse folds are not allowed, and all folds have straightforward locations.
5) Origami Tessellations
Like my brother made, this origami is an origami of that are recently popular. Like modular origami, it is done by tiling of small folded papers with no gaps or overlaps until the model finally done. This origami may consists of hundreds of small folded papers ( and man that needs patients to be made). This origami takes more time in making small folded papers than putting it together & it is longer than making modular origami.
 This origami of swan was made of 400 of small folded papers

Origami is fun to make and it can be used as decorations or gift to a special person ;-) ... For those who wishes to get instructions of making origami... is easiest way that we can learn about =)


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