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Friday, June 25, 2010


Tido yang baik & secukupnya bagi dewasa ialah 6-8 jam. Tapi selalu tak anda tido lebih dari 8 jam tapi still rase ngantuk??? Ini maksudnya anda ade Sleeping Disorder. Sleeping Disorder such as insomnia (tak boleh nak tido), sleep apnea (cam berdengkor), narcolepsy & restless leg syndrome. Penyakit ini boleh disembuhkan kalau anda:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When was busy at surfing internet, I was attracted by this thing in my house...

this was made by my brother... cute right

This thing is one of the type of paper art known as origami. This thing may be well-known but for those who don't know, origami is an art of folding paper. Origami is come from the word "ori" & "kami" which is words from japan("ori" means folding & "kami" means paper). The name comes in Japan because this is the traditional art of paper folding of Japan.

There are many types of origami (actually I did not realized it either until now) :

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